Thank you very much for your visit in the SORGAKU GALLERY.

The dog and some the family's irreplaceable time are made a photograph.

A photograph is taken by at the various places and the situation.
An expression of a dog and a bond with the family are cut with dog lover's look and a picture is taken.

Dog photographer
Masakane Yamada.
Dachshund is flying!
Schnauzer is flying!
Terrier is also flying!
Flying Dogs!!

High-speed taking photographs continuously.

When I take photographs of the form that I run using a high-performance camera and the lens continuously, the photograph pending at all can be taken.
The expression and the serious look for the vivid pet dog which isn't seen by a naked eye are made a photograph.

Without missing that moment when the true form was freed by Dog orchid, it's made a photograph.

High-definition photograph.

I take a photo with a high-performance camera.
The high-performance lens are used.
I'll hand you everything by RAW photography and RAW development.

So I'll promise you a most high-definition photograph.

A pet dog is the important family.

Wouldn't you like to take the family photograph in SORAGAKU GALLERY?

When making a reservation, I can receive request of the family photograph, or I'll take a photo by a basic plan.
Please consider by all means.

The family photograph.

A photograph is left eternally.

The pet dog and time you can spend aren't eternal.
If casual every day when a pet dog is here is nice time, I'd like to take the picture of which you can think.

A photograph stops time.
That can make the pet dog and today I spend a picture eternal today.

Bond with a pet dog.

The moment that was done suddenly, they can peep.

It's because I'm a dog lover, too, to have the confidence that the moment isn't missed.

I aim at the family's bond by dog lover's look.
Photographer of dog.

I'll take a picture by the various situations along your request.
I also meet the portrait photography at a park in addition to photography by Dog orchid and a scenic beautiful place and the family photograph.
I'm preparing the various high-performance lens and am here from a wide-angle lens to a telephoto lens, so please tell everything.

I'd like to help you and a pet dog.

Let's make a memory together.

Welcome to the Soragaku gallery.

It's possible to meet your demands.

We'll offer everything to from a striking picture the picture which caught a decisive moment.

Please expect it by all means.
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